What do Rangers do?

“Rangers rise from the Tankwa dust when they’re needed, and quietly disappear when they’re done.”

Ranger briefing

Responsibilities and Duties

Rangers have many duties, which all relate to keep our Burn community safe:

  • Provide outreach and education to help Burners acculturate to our unique AfrikaBurn culture and the 11 Principles.
  • Act as an information resource to the community.
  • Respond to emergencies and help get the appropriate resources to the scene.
  • Reunite lost or found children with their family.
  • Help disoriented participants get back to their camp or Sanctuary.
  • Listen to participants who are having a particularly rough day is part of harm reduction.
  • Facilitate problem solving, mediation, and conflict resolution (without telling people what to do). Yes, we ‘FLAME’
  • Build rapport with fellow Burners as participants and be integral members of the community.

Rangers are from the AfrikaBurn community and share a common desire to ensure the well being of AfrikaBurn and our community.

Think Rangering might be for you? Want to expand your mediation and problem solving skills serving your community?

Be EPIC and join the Tankwa Town Rangers. Contact the Rangers

All Rangers are called “Dust Rangers,” meaning that they move through the city and are available to help participants who need assistance. Rangers also have a number of specialised teams that handle specific kinds of tasks and situations. You can join a specialised team after you’ve volunteered with the Rangers for a year. 

Learn more about the Ranger Working Teams.