Ranger Working Teams

Ranger HQ – The Tortoise Shell

There are various Working Teams within the Ranger Core that function as specialised support for the Ranger department.

The following are a list of specialised areas that Ranger volunteers can participate in after they’ve served for one year. (This requirement are not set in stone, and depend on your merit, capabilities and commitment).

Ranger Trainers
The Ranger training team develops various training manuals designed to provide new and senior Rangers key skills in communications and conflict resolution. Experienced Senior Rangers are needed as trainers.
Contact Basher basher@afrikaburn.com

Shift Leads (Tortoise)
Experienced Senior Rangers trained into the Shift Lead position. They support Dust Rangers on shift either from the Ranger HQ or on the Playa. They manage Ranger human resources and communicate with other departments to ensure timely response to all incidents in Tankwa Town.
Our Shift Lead in the Ranger HQ is known as the “Tortoise”.
They manage the Rangers’ radio channels and offer advice and guidance to Rangers in the field.
Step up Ranger and take lead!
Contact Ranger Council at rangercouncil@afrikaburn.com

Fire Rangers
Fire Rangers specialise in and coordinates all Ranger functions that have to do with art burn safety. This includes Quad Leads and Fire Fly’s (Sandman) for burn Inner Perimeters and training of the Outer Perimeter volunteers.

Aside from specialising on all things Fire, they are part of the Ranger Core and Rangers first. They are the ultimate all-rounder-hands-on Ranger volunteers.

Available Positions:
Firefly (Sandman), Quad Leads and Jump Team Leads: A core of experienced Senior Rangers, whom specialise in the various facets of Burn Perimeter and fire safety. All experience in, and with specialised training in Burn Perimeter Inner Core functions: Quadrant Lead, Sandman, Green Dot & ICS-100.
> Minimum 1 year as Ranger and passed training as Firefly (Sandman), basic Green Dot, ICS-100: Overall commitment is paramount.
> Approval from the Fire Ranger Working Team to operate in that role.
Fire Ranger Quartermasters: In control of all burn documentation: Logs, Bibs and Fire Perimeter Identification.
Ranger Burn & Hat Ceremony is part of the Fire Ranger function. Are you creative and an brilliant organiser? Come paint on this unique blank canvas.
Fire Ranger Working Team:
The group that helps put together training & manuals, shifts and recruits more Fire Rangers. We work closely with FAST (Fire & Art Safety Team), Art crews, DMV and DPW.
> Minimum of 1 year working on Fire Perimeters, trained and committed.
> Current group for 2020 is made up of Jason, Sparky, Firefly, Splifanie, Lubz, Basher, Rangeroo and Sentinel.
Contact Sentinel at christian@afrikaburn.com

Green Dots
Green Dots are Rangers who specialise in harm reduction, and helping participants through situations that have a strong emotional or internal component. Green Dots are, first and foremost, patient listeners who seek to hold space for participants undergoing inner transformation or experiencing internal or emotional distress.

Available Positions:
Green Dot Ranger:
Green Dot Rangers are first and foremost Rangers, but work in the field acting as peer crisis counsellors and peer support for participants and fellow Rangers.
> Minimum of 3 shifts as a Dust Ranger
> Attended Green Dot Ranger Training
Green Dot Lead:
Green Dot Leads work closely with Tortoise to deploy and assist Rangers in the dust.  They may also be mobile in a vehicle, requiring them to transport participants to various locations.  They will help with tracking and recording all Green Dot Incidents.
> Minimum of 1 year as Green Dot Ranger (either at AfrikaBurn or elsewhere, with local preference to empowering the local Green Dot core )
> Approval from the Green Dot Working Group to operate in that role.
Green Dot Working Group:
The group that helps put together training, shifts and recruits more GD’s
> Minimum of 1 year as an AfrikaBurn Green Dot Ranger
> Current group for 2020 is made up of Sand Worm, Lake, Boogie Man & Cane Toad.
Contact at greendot@afrikaburn.com

Ranger HQ Quartermaster Team Lead
The Ranger HQ Quartermaster work closely with the shift team of Tortoise and Dust Lead to support our Rangers on the Playa.  They are responsible for signing in and out of Rangers going on or off shift, radios and swag distribution.
> Any Ranger can work as a Quartermaster, it’s a good introduction to all the behind the scenes work of supporting our Rangers in the field.  There are computer & paperwork involved, but also it doesn’t require much walking. An very responsible position for an highly disciplined and organised person.
Contact Galago at galago@afrikaburn.com

Termites (Ranger Build & Strike Crew)
These are technical hands-on Rangers that set-up and breakdown Ranger infrastructure and offer Ranger support needs pre-event and post-event.
Handy with a hammer?  Like building structures?  Physically able to work? Flying the Orange flag pre-and post event. This may be the role for you. This is the Ranger’s version of DPW and hard-core.
Requirements: Practical hands-on-Rangers with time to work pre-and post event. With this come some really worthy perks 🙂
Contact Sentinel at christian@afrikaburn.com

Ranger Love Lounge

The Love Lounge is our Ranger home in Tankwa. The working team is responsible for the planning & building of the Love Lounge pre-event, managing camp life during the event and then ensuring that our camp is packed up, leaving no trace post-event. 

Our typical Love Lounge worker bee is available either pre-or post-event and then also during the event. Although general camp management is everyone’s responsibility, we do need a few individuals to step up to herd those cats thus ensuring our generator keeps running. 

Want to get involved or have an excellent idea for the Love Lounge? Contact Butterfly at butterfly@afrikaburn.com