History of the Orange

Ranger Bob (No, not the skinny one)

The Tankwa Town Rangers were started by Ranger Bob at the first AfrikaBurn in 2007.

The role of the Tankwa Town Rangers has changed and grown over past years, but the original purpose still holds true: helping lost souls, providing community information, support of the Principles, and helping participants get the most out of their Burn. Being a Ranger has become an art that can develop into a set of powerful professional skills. 

Rangers at AfrikaBurn started as a group of Burner volunteers with the capacity and ability to help the community. In the early days, Rangers became the safety net for the whole event. They were to ‘hold the site’ during the event. 

As the event grew in size, AfrikaBurn started bringing in paid security and a more advanced operational structure.

A Health and Safety department was set up and a formal system of site management was developed. Both these were supported and run by Rangers who still “held the site” during the event. 

Since then, Rangers have evolved into an organisation-wide support for health, safety, and site management. Now with a Council and various specialist teams in the main Ranger Core.

A Venue Operations Centre (VOC ) system in line with current event laws was brought in. In addition to holding the site, Rangers support the VOC and other departments in many capacities. Community safety and well-being is still at the core of our service. Rangers are growing into a professional group that services the Burner community and is active before, during and after the event.

Ranger Ceremonies and Traditions

“We, the Tankwa Town Rangers are from the AfrikaBurn community and serve our community with honour and respect.”

Sunday Evening: Tankwa Town (Rangers love DPW) Hand-Over Tradition:
This is the oldest DPW / Ranger tradition known. Raw chaotic Burn spirit in motion.
DPW work long and hard in creating Tankwa Town from the dust.
On the Sunday evening before the event start, they give it over to the Rangers to manage, before returning it all to dust again after the event.
DPW will generally announce the time at dinner, and it is generally at the Virgin Bell.

Ranger Burn Ceremony – “Rise of the Orange”: Wednesday, 17H30 (Sunset-ish)
By the Rangers for the Rangers. Honouring the Rangers whom came before us and on whose ‘social capital’ shoulders we stand. Giving thanks to the present and introducing the future to our AfrikaBurn community.

> The Fire Rangers host the ceremony and our Burn community are invited to hold the Perimeter with the Ranger Core.
> Fire dancers and Poi show.
> The ‘Code of the Orange’ are presented
> New Rangers are called forward, introduced to the community and take the ‘Ranger Oath’. “I Ranger … will serve my community with honour and respect”
> A small symbolic Ranger art piece is then burned.

After the Ranger Burn Ceremony (around 8-ish) the traditional OMM will follow. The OMM is an social gathering for all Rangers and leads from all AfrikaBurn departments.

New Horizons – Rising from the Dust
2020 will be our last year on our current site at Stonehenge.
AfrikaBurn has an new location in 2021…and seriously spectacular, magic, wow!
A small Orange team went to explore our new blank canvas ‘Tankwa Town’ on the 3 November.
Rangers…you better get on this wild horse…it is a winner.